Shin's Message

"The Key to all healing is love, spiritual awakening and being open to feelings."

I call myself a "Holistic Management Consultant" because I approach the healing of the person, company, community and system through holistic means... as a whole. My work is educating people with loving wisdom, using the tools of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine. Interest in Energy Medicine is on the rise in Japan and in other countries. I believe this is happening because practitioners of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Medicine, and those seeking alternatives to conventional medicine, need these powerful healing modalities. I am enthusiastically committed to sharing what I have learned of the power of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine with others.

Drawing on my own experience of recovery from cancer that was diagnosed as terminal, I now counsel many cancer patients who fear dying of their disease. Through a process of gentle listening and conversation I help patients understand and discover that the key to recovery from cancer is to activate the natural healing power that exists within the body.

by Shin-ichiro Terayama

ABSTRACT (from Potentiating Health and the Crisis of the Immune System)

Disease, like cancer, changes human beings' attitude toward their existence and during the healing process, people have an opportunity to change their life style magically. When healing in the body happens through positive action, in a harmonious way, the body comes back into balance naturally.

There are many miraculous things about the immune system that become clear during recovery from cancer. Contemporary medicine seems to forget the words "natural healing power of the body" which Hippocrates wrote about more than two thousand years ago.

This process happens beyond scientific comprehension. It transcends mind, body and spirit, to reach the love of God.

I was a physicist and suffered from cancer in 1984. I transformed, and have been free of metastasized kidney cancer for more than 20 years. I tell the story of the recovery from cancer with cello playing, confessing how I loved my cancer instead of fighting it. I changed to a vegetarian "macrobiotic" diet, drinking selected good mineral water, and most importantly, I watched the sun rise everyday in the morning. It was in front of the morning sun that I made an exciting discovery. I found I was becoming very positive, very relaxed and healing energy was entering my heart chakra first through my heart, and then to all seven chakras. I began to practice cello again after a long absence. These things were done harmoniously by my intuition and not by instruction.

Now is the time for modern medicine to recognize the ancient wisdom of human beings to bring about their own recovery from cancer. The healing power within the body will save many people with serious and chronic diseases.

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