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Shin's international work:

In October 1988 Shin gave a talk at the international conference held by the Findhorn Foundation, following which he was invited to be a fellow of Findhorn Foundation. This was the beginning of his international activities.

Shin's connection to Dr. Andrew Weil

A few months later, in March 1989, he attended the AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association) annual conference in Seattle, as the representative of the Japan Holistic Medical Society. There he met Dr. Andrew Weil, who invited him to speak at the University of Arizona Medical School in April 1990. At that time he went around the world on a research trip for two months, visiting many holistic facilities in the USA and in England. He continued to attend the AHMA conference for the next 10 years, and met with many American holistic medical doctors.

Through these connections he was invited to The International Holistic Health and Medicine Conference in Bangalore, India in October 1990. There he met with scientists and holistic medical doctors from many different countries. Afterwards, Shin began visiting many countries to connect people in the field of holistic medicine. Subsequently Dr. Andrew Weil wrote of him in his book Spontaneous Healing as an international holistic networker for the cause of holistic medicine.

Shin invited Dr. Weil to Japan several times, and coordinated his workshops and talks on integrative medicine for doctors and for lay people. Through these and other activities, the philosophy of Integrative Medicine began to spread throughout Japan. He also invited Susan Osborn to Japan, where she became very well-known as a spiritual singer.

Shin's connection to Israel

In October 1996 Shin was invited to The Third Dead Sea Conference in Israel to talk about the crisis of the human immune system. There he introduced his Beyond Theory of Consciousness which was very well received. He met Sally Reidman, who was the president of the College of Alternative and Complementary medicine in Tel Aviv, and in 1998 and 1999 he was invited by Ms. Reidman to give workshops for cancer patients in Israel.

During his stay in Israel he met meditative pianist Dafna Raphael. He subsequently invited her to Japan and coordinated her concerts and workshops several times.

How Shin connects with ISSSEEM:

In December 1987 when Shin was at NICABM Conference in South Carolina he heard the name ISSSEEM (The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ) from another participant. He was surprised that there was a conference using the name "Subtle Energy." It was very meaningful to Shin, as he was a director and one of the founders of the Subtle Energy Association of Japan.

When he learned that the name of the founder of ISSSEEM was Dr. Elmer Green, Shin called his dear friend Dr. Andrew Weil in Tucson to learn more about Dr. Green. Dr. Weil knew Dr. Green very well and told Shin that Dr. Green was a major person in the field of Subtle Energy. Shin immediately called and spoke with Dr. Green at his home in Colorado, and promised Dr. Green that he would join the ISSSEEM conference the next year.

In 1998 he attended ISSSEEM for the first time. At that time he was a director of the Subtle Energy Association of Japan, and in 2001 and 2004 he gave talks at the conference.

Other Personal Notes on people I've met"

Shin has invited several key persons from The Findhorn Foundation to spread the spirit of Findhorn in Japan. First he invited Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch to present their singing and dancing workshop. Others invited and hosted were Marion Leigh and her Findhorn Flower Essences, and Lev Seller's Holistic Massage Workshop. Shin visited Findhorn every year during that time. In 2001 and 2002 he gave a seven day workshop with Dafna Raphael at Findhorn, titled Love and Healing.

In 2001 he invited Dorothy Mclean, a co-founder of The Findhorn Foundation, to Japan. Dorothy's talks and workshops were very successful and he invited her again in 2004 and in 2007. He produced a DVD of Dorothy Mclean's talk organized by his office in Tokyo in May 2007.

In 2005 he gave a workshop on Love and Healing at Hollyhock in Canada.
During stay at Hollyhock in 2006 he gave a small cello concert with piano accompaning by Dr.Rupert Shedrake. As Shin already met him before at Hague Conference in March 1999 both enjoyed playing music together in Hollyhock.

In 2006 he invited Dr. Christine Page, who was then president of ISSSEEM, to Japan. She gave talks in Tokyo and Kyoto, and workshops at Megami-yama Life Center in Nagano Prefecture.
In 2009 Shin received The Doug Boyd Wisdom Keeper Award from ISSSEEM, and has been a Board member of ISSSEEM since 2010.
In 2008 at ISSSEEM Dr. Larry Dossey was the key note speaker of the conference and he asked Shin to play cello at the end of his lecture looking at his sun rise photos.
In 2009 at ISSSEEM Dr. Deepak Chopra was the key note speaker and he asked Shin to play cello at the beginning of his lecture.
In 2010 also at ISSSEEM Dr. Larry Dossey asked Shin to play cello again at the end of his talk with his sun rise photos.

Shin offered his Love and Healing workshop in Japanese at the foot of Mt. Shasta from 2003 through 2011, coordinated by Misao Takahara. This workshop was originally designed for Japanese people living in North America, but gradually attendance shifted to participants from Japan.