Profile of Shin-ichiro Terayama

Profile of Shin-ichiro Terayama

Biographical Information

Born in Tokyo in 1936, Shin graduated from Waseda University with a degree in electrical engineering. During his time as a student of electrical engineering he studied solid state physics at the masters level and continued to privately practice his cello. After working for Toshiba Corporation in their development engineering of semi-conductor products, he left to establish Terayama Consultants Office in 1980 to provide consulting services to private companies for implementing computer systems.

At the age of 47, when he was extremely busy with his business, he developed cancer in his right kidney. In spite of surgery, chemo-therapy and radiation-therapy, he did not recover from his cancer. While facing the prospect of his death, he attempted to heal himself with alternative medicine and naturopathy. At that time he returned to practicing cello every day after a 25-year hiatus, and found his cello playing to be a powerful part of his healing journey. His cancer disappeared three-and-a-half years later.

Workshops, Teaching , and Conferences

Since then, Shin has been sharing the wisdom he gained through his own healing experience, through workshops and lectures both in Japan and in other countries. He has given lectures, workshops and attended conferences in many countries including Scotland, USA, India, Israel, The Netherlands, Canada and Switzerland. He was a regular participant at conferences on holistic medicine, including the annual conference of the AHMA, where he met Dr. Andrew Weil in 1989.

Since 2006, Shin holds workshops at Megami-yama Life Center in Nagano Prefecture. His workshop is called "The Smile Workshop". It's aim is to raise the level of consciousness. The participants feel and learn through games, dancing, meditation, sharing and listening to his lectures and cello playing, and then gradually find their own way of healing. It leads to spiritual awakening for the participants inside of their own hearts, and they receive the true wisdom of healing.


His remarkable recovery from cancer is described in Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil, along with his international role in holistic medicine. Dr. Weil's book was on the N.Y. Times best sellers list for one year, and is now available in 32 languages.

Shin wrote Invitation to Findhorn in Japanese in 1999 to introduce Japanese people to Findhorn Foundation and its ideas, and how it has transformed lives.

His book in Japanese, My Cancer Disappeared-A Document of the Natural Healing of Cancer was published in 2006, with an introduction by Dr. Andrew Weil. This book is about his recovery in detail, how his final-stage cancer was healed using the self-healing power of the body.

Shin's Cello

Shin always travels with his cello. He believes that the cello sound is his medicine without side effects, and he always smiles and enjoys cello playing with gratitude.


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