Shin Terayama's Smile Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate the participants' transformation through self-awareness. The program is designed to help people to deepen their awareness and attain a higher level of consciousness.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Fully experience connection to earth and to heaven.
  2. Dialogue with nature
  3. Meditation and breath work
  4. Receive messages from Angels using the angel cards
  5. Balance body, mind & spirit through sacred dance and singing
  6. Balance Chakras
  7. Share and write one's feelings at the end each day

Shin leads participants to open up to new realizations through an adapted version of Findhorn Experience Week, as well as through games he has arranged specifically for a Japanese audience.

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1 - Opening doors within: Discover small uplifting feelings.

Day 2 - Getting closer to the depth within: Experience and fully taste uplifting emotion through workshop activities.

Day 3 - Conclusion: Be filled with gratitude

Shin Terayama's Smile Workshop Shin Terayama's Smile Workshop Shin Terayama's Smile Workshop